I retired from the University of Hull in 2008, where I had been Professor of Primary Care Medicine, and an active teacher in the Hull York Medical School (HYMS). At the same time I retired from working as a GP in the NHS.

I have been a Christian since making a personal decision at the age of  ten, having grown up in a Christian family. We attended a Baptist church, and I was duly baptised at the age of ten. Since moving to East Yorkshire in 1997, we attended the local parish church, St Peter’s, Rowley, and I trained for three years and became a Reader in 2005. We moved to Sheffield in 2017, and transferred my Readership to Christchurch Stannington in 2018.

My faith has been more or less important to me throughout my life, but perhaps no more so than now as I face both personal illness and disability and serious illness affecting Janet my beloved wife, whose illness became terminal, and she died in Spetember 2018. .

The blog will document the progress of both these pressures, along with the enormous support given by our family, four wonderful children and six amazing grandchildren.