Coming close to the end of August, and I am glad to be able to say that I am doing alright, apart from a recurrent inguinal hernia, which is being operated on next week. As I’ve had at least two such operations before, I fully expect to be up and about the day following, and perhaps I’ll even get to the Amnesty International letter writing session later the next day. I have taken on the duties of arraning these from October, so I’ll ty to get there!

PSP continues to cause me to fall over, but no more than a year ago. In fact, I seem to have learned ot to cope with it so the falls worry me less. There is certainly no evidence of progression, as far as I can tell. I am however very dependent on my two lovely daughters, Emma and Rachel, and their respective spouses, Jamys and Phil, who tend to feed me at weekends, and do my garden and other jobs midweek.

I am in the process of arranging for three holidays (!) in the next 6 months: I’m going to China in October (fly there, High Speed Trains between cities), then a short cruise to Casablanca, Spain and Portugal at the end of November/start of December, an finally another “rail” trip with son Tom to India next February. I will write about each as they happen. I suppose I’m thinking I had better do these things before I deteriorate, and it’s too late!.

It is almost a year since my dear wife Janet died, and so far I’ve managed to survive grief, partly though writing poetry (below). I’ll write more on this next time.

Sonnet on life after Janet

My life goes on, I live alone, I miss

her very much, today I used her purse:

I think of her sheer sensibility,

her wisdom, when it came to what to spend.

My Janet seemed the embodiment of wisdom,

I’d ask her how we should respond to pleas

from Christian Aid, or Barnabas, or Tearfund,

and usually her number exceeded mine!

I shall continue to be guided by her,

remembering her words restraining me,

her generosity to those who need it

her deep concern for those with less than we.

My Janet showed the kindness from above

And I was most blessed to have been her love.

Peter Campion, 12/10/18

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