I have no doubt, having read several reviews incluing the up to date diagnostic criteria, that I have PSP. I fell today in the kitchen, with hardly any trigger, just tipped backwards and staggered, until I fell on my bottom against a settee. I managed, with difficulty, to get up immediately.

I am worried that the frequency of my falls, and the general weakness, are progressing fast. I shall try to monitor closely how symptoms my progress. I see my GP next week. I hope he understands.

The other concern is dementia, clearly a feature of PSP, but since I managed the Guarian Quick Crossword in ten mintutes, I can’t be that bad!

One thought on “More on PSP

  1. Thanks for sharing so honestly. It’s good for you and good for us. And just to say I do the Guardian Quick and attempt the Cryptic too! Love and prayer for you. Phil


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