For the many followers of this blog I feel I must complete the saga, and describe how dear Janet went to Glory, as she died at 10:30 on Thursday morning, September 6th. I had stayed overnight on Tuesday night, but found her comatose breathing through her open mouth too distressing, so I went home Wednesday evening, and returned at about 9:30, with Rachel my daughter as my taxi driver!

We both sat and watched as Janet, in my own mind not really still there but already departed, continued to breathe heavily through her mouth. Dr Paul Taylor, the consultant, called by on his ward round, and sat by her bed and watched too. He was non-committal about “how long”, but said he saw a deterioration. In fact, minutes after his ward round had left, Janet’s breathing slowed then stopped.

Rachel found the registrar, who came and confirmed what we had seen. The staff were clearly well practised in managing such a death, and gave us all the time we wanted. For my part, Janet had already departed, and I felt little emotion. She was so very emaciated, I wanted to remember the Janet I knew – alive, vibrant, thoughtful, and kind.

We collected the paperwork the following day, and some belongings we had inadvertently left. But I am truly glad Janet is in God’s presence, surrounded by angels and people, all worshipping Him. The pictures in the Book of Revelation are a great help to me. And I shall look forward to seeing her again one day, and in the mean time, to celebrating her life at a service at Christchurch Stannington, possibly on the 21st September.

Revelation 21:4 reads “He (God) will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.”



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