Two days ago I was fitting a new curtain rail in the lounge, intended to match the one already in place at the other end of the room, and was using a step ladder and my electric drill. In order to better access the wall I stood on the nearby table, with the step ladder standing beside it. Then, and I don’t know whether it was dizziness due to Parkinson’s treatment (l-dopa), or the PD itself, or some other reason, I fell off the table, hit the steps sideways-on, and landed on the floor on top of the steps, which had broken. I got up with difficulty, and have suffered pain in the lower ribs on one side, which becomes severe when a muscle spasm occurs. I initially thought I had simply bruised my muscles, but having spent two nights awake and reflecting on my symptoms (as you do), I am now sure that one or more ribs are broken. I am content to sit this one out and keep active, as there are clearly no major complications (such as a punctured lung), and there is no treatment other than pain relief, of which I have a good selection!

Needless to say, I have been firmly rebuked for such risk-taking, by both wife and son Tom, to which I can only hold up my hands in true repentance: I promise not to do it again. Son-in-law Jamys has already offered to finish the job tomorrow.

I expect to be fully recovered in about 3-4 weeks.

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