Yesterday we went to Weston Park Hospital for the feedback on the 3-month scan – Prof Danson herself saw us and was delighted to read to us the radiologist’s report of the scan: all the many tumours had shrunk, the lung primary from 53mm to 43mm diameter, which represents a drop in volume of almost 50%. Furthermore there have been no new secondaries in the three months since the original scan.

Janet now has no symptoms from either the lung or the bone secondaries, and the fatigue, which was very marked, has virtually gone away too.

So we are deeply grateful to the NHS for funding this very expensive drug, to the scientists who discovered and developed it, and to God, who we believe enabled all this to happen, and foresaw Janet to be the carrier of the right mutation, which occurs in only 5% of the population here.

The next step is to continue the Afatinib for as long as the tumour responds. Scans will be repeated 3-monthly.



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