‘Twas nineteen forty-four, and in Cuttack,

an army major wed an army nurse;

maybe he was her patient, for he told

his niece he’d had a malaria attack.

Their first son, Peter, born in ‘forty-six;

then Angela, then a brother, Phil.

And as the three grew up, another boy,

young Paul, the last, made up the family mix.

So Peter, Philip, Paul, and sister “Al”,

(a shortened form of Angela, for Pete,

who could not manage her full name when small),

at Paul’s suggestion, would go orbital.

The plan, to visit special places, past uncovered,

where parents, both now gone to glory, lived.

The Baptist Church in Cuttack where they wed,

and other sites, still yet to be discovered.

A family affair, for India’s influence plays

on sibs, who’d never known their parents’ past,

would go in search of military echoes,

to somehow sense their parents’ early days.

Peter D Campion, October, 2016. (in the course of planning a trip to India)







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