With joy, they sang their hymns and songs of praise

To Jesus, (not a welcome God in India),

In Telugu, the tongue of Andhra Pradesh

not known to us, yet heard by God in grace.

These pastors, taught at Mercy’s Bible school,

lead churches in both Andhra and Odisha,

to thrive in faith and witness to the Lord,

as Mercy Mission pastors’ college swells.

Supported by the gifts of many saints

across the USA, UK, Antipodes,

all glad to share in genuine grassroots

growth in India of Christ’s own church.

So, “Praise the Lord!”, as they would say in greeting,

and thank our Heavenly Father for this meeting.

Peter Campion, after a visit to the Mercy Mission in Andhra Pradesh in February 2017, with his sister and two brothers.

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